Stay Fit, Connect, Have Fun An app that helps you connect with people within your community to enjoy fitness and sports together I play sports or do fitness
A Toolkit For Fitness Instructors! A platform that connects patrons looking for your service to your offerings. You bring your teaching skills, and we help you get paid. I am an instructor
Our Story
Founded in 2019, Bloxo is an app that makes fitness activities more accessible by easing the process of organizing and participating in these activities, whether they are in-person, online or both! Bloxo works as a two-sided SaaS platform that helps in clearing the plate of instructors and participants so that they can focus solely on their activity while letting the app do the rest of the work for them.
Our Mission
Bloxo's mission is to bring people together through the power of fitness and sports.
Bloxo came into existence to provide accessibility to the fitness and sports activities as its fundamental goal.
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Our Vision
To create a physically active world where anyone and everyone can participate in activities with just a few clicks.
Value Proposition
Active Community Engagement
Superior design
Our Proud Partners
Meet our team
Mubdu Al-Ali
Chief Executive Officer
Mohammed Alhashem
Chief Technology Officer
Shitangshu Roy
Chief Operating Officer
Jenn MacHattie
Chief Financial Officer
Lei Wang
Senior Software Developer
Chris Cameron
Manager of Marketing and Communications
Shumei Wang
Junior Accountant
Prachi Gaba
Business Development Associate