Joining Sports games shouldn't make you sweat!

Find sports opportunities in your community, people to play with, and join them with a single click!

Organizing Sports games shouldn't make you sweat!

Set up a game, invite players and collect your fees instantly!

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introducing Bloxo app

Bloxo is a mobile app that makes easy for people to find sports activities, and makes it easy for organizers to find participants.

With Bloxo you can have fun while doing sports and making new friends.

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Bloxo Features

Our vision

A world where everyone plays sports and lives a healthy lifestyle.

our mission

Bringing all sports together in one place to make them accessible to everyone.


To change the world by providing the best platform that serves organizers and players in all sports.

our WAY

We make it easy for everyone to find and join sports with a click.


IT's all about convenience!

Bloxo makes sports activities that were perceived as inaccessible, accessible.

Meet new people, and have fun at a low cost. We provide new opportunities: more sports, more activities, more social.

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Awesome & Flexible

what users say about Bloxo


“Joining games on Bloxo is super easy! It’s a great way to let people who love sports get together and meet other people and have a great time together.

Bloxo App is one of the best apps I have on my phone!”

"Abrar Hasin”

"Bloxo app has changed my experience of team sports. I’ve always wanted to get better at some sports, but I hadn’t been able to find a group of people to play with. Bloxo was an awesome way to find out about games, sign up easily and simply show up without having to commit for a number of months to a particular club."

"Aria Raphael”

"I always found it hard to organize games and find a group of people interested in a sport. Contacting the people, setting a location and a time was always a pain.. and above all, collecting the money from everyone to pay for the court! with Bloxo I was able to do all of that with a click. I made lots of new sports friends!"

"Ezzat Al barazi”

"Since I came to Canada 3 years ago I was looking for a soccer team or league to join, but I couldn’t find. When I heard about Bloxo I downloaded the app immediately and joined the first game and I was hooked from then. It’s not only easy to use the app or join games. But also, it’s a wag to make friends and meet other people in the soccer community. It’s the best thing that happened to me this summer"

"Mohammad Al Masalma”

"Bloxo is a great way to find opportunities to play sports regularly and meet new people! I had been wanting to find somewhere to play soccer and basketball in Halifax but didn’t know enough people to start a team. I started using the app all the time to join games and it’s been lots of fun! The games can be competitive or more recreational depending on your preference– but highly recommended!"

"Cassie Sholl”

"I am from Chile, I came to Halifax recently and I was looking to play my favourite sport "soccer". I didn't know anybody to play with. I searched online and I found Bloxo. I downloaded the App and joined the soccer game. I was amazed by the App and how easy to use it was. The look of it was fantastic. What I liked about it the most is the ability to pay from the app with your credit card and Apple Pay"

"David alejandro urra olivares”

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