ABout bloxo

Founded in early 2019, Bloxo is a sports app that makes physical activity more accessible by using technology to simplify the process of organizing and participating in recreational sport, and in particular those offered in a pick-up or drop-in style. Bloxo works as a multi-sided SaaS platform, facilitating interactions with three inter-dependent sets of stakeholders required to make any sport activity happen: Participants, organizers and facilities. By building an online platform, Bloxo aims to bridge gaps between these stakeholders by providing an online ecosystem which is used to foster communities around sport and recreation.

Our Mission

While its business goals are a priority, Bloxo has always emphasized the importance of its social mission.
For us, helping people access the power of sport is the fundamental “why” at the center of our business.
We want to provide people with the opportunity to be involved with sport and other recreational opportunities within their community.

Accessibility is our goal
Simplicity is our process
Activity is our result


Bloxo’s vision is to create a world where everyone is physically active and lives a healthy lifestyle. It does this by simplifying the process of organizing and participating in sport, providing users with flexible options. Convenience and speed are also central to Bloxo’s DNA, with the app designed so organizers can create games within two minutes, and players can “join in three clicks” 

Value Proposition

Active Community Engagement
Superior design


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Bloxo Inc. / Volta Labs
Unit 100, 1505 Barrington Street
Halifax, Nova Scotia
B3J 3K5

Phone: (902)818-9002

Email: support@bloxo.co


Weekdays: 9 AM – 5 PM