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We all want to be the best version of ourselves, both as individuals or communities. As such, we see that people try to learn new languages, practice better time management skills and have positive friends. But what about the community? How can it work on its self-improvement? I believe it can do this by enabling everyone (especially young people) to connect through sports!

Although it is a simple concept, many people overlook the fact that sports can actually bring communities together. We may not realize it, but there are some countries around the world where sports form a major aspect of their society. Sport plays a huge role in both building and keeping communities intact in developing nations, as it provides people with relaxation and enjoyment. Many people say that sport is a universal language. Sports can, in this sense, easily bring communities and people together, even if they don’t speak the same language.

Sport is something that youth can actually take an active part in, rather than just watch. While we are more inclined to watch and participate in sports when we are younger, the activity will help develop us in areas where we might be lacking. For instance, playing sports might help people to develop better hand-eye coordination, balance, flexibility and overall athleticism. Sports can also help improve teamwork and communication skills, which are things that are taught in a classroom, but developed and perfected in the world outside.

Some people may think that that sport is solely a physical activity.  Although a large part, this is just one aspect of it. Sport also teaches life skills such as leadership and effective teamwork. This benefits the participants and those in their community, because the better they become at teamwork, the better they will be in the job market in the future.

Spend a day at a sports park and you’ll see that sports are just as much physical activity, as it is educational and motivational. Sport teaches young people that they can do and achieve anything they put their minds to. It’s amazing how sports can help youngsters to become better human beings.

Here are 5 ways that sports can help the community:

1- Developing Self-Reliance

Sport can teach young people how to depend on one another, help each other and work together to achieve a common goal. Sports focuses on teamwork and co-operation, which can help people in their future careers and throughout life in general.

As we said before, sports can help develop key skills in youngsters such as the ability to solve problems, manage stress and maintain a positive attitude when things aren’t going their way. In real life, people don’t succeed by working on their own, they need to learn how to work together in order to reach their goals and dreams.

Having self-reliance can help young people in a variety of ways throughout their lives. For instance, it can help them make friends and acquire a positive self-image, even when they feel that they don’t fit in. As they grow up, they’ll realize that self-reliance is important, because it helps them to develop strong personalities, which in turn, will help them succeed in many situations.

2- Ensuring Longevity

When it comes to aging, sport can help to reduce the occurrence of many of the conditions that you may have to deal with in the future.

As you age, you can no longer maintain peak physical shape and you will be more likely to suffer from various diseases, including osteoporosis, diabetes, cancer and heart disease.

You should always stay as active as possible if you want to maintain good health. It’s important that you adopt a lifestyle that supports and enhances the chance of longevity, and nothing is better than playing sports regularly.

Many people will become physically or mentally challenged after the age of 40. For instance, some people with conditions like asthma or allergies might develop them as they get older. When you think about it, this is likely to be a result of their lifestyle. When we’re young, we likely don’t have to deal with these issues because we’re a relatively healthy individual. But as we grow older, these problems become more common and it’s important to take steps to counteract them.

You might think that you’re immune to this risk, but I am here to tell you that this is not true. As you get older, the risk of developing these diseases increases and if you don’t do anything about it now, you might regret it and suffer greatly later on. That’s why physical activities are immensely important.

3- Peace of Mind

Sport can help young people feel less stressed and more confident. Being more mentally and physically fit gives you more peace of mind. You may feel like you have a huge and complex life to handle, but instead of worrying about it, you can enjoy every minute of the day.

By playing sports regularly and focusing on a healthy lifestyle, young people can reduce the stress that they’re carrying, making it easier for them to live a happy and productive life.

When young people are feeling too stressed, they tend to not enjoy themselves. This, in turn, affects their health and their productivity. In order to feel more relaxed, they need to know that they can manage their stress and the quality of their life by doing activities that they love.

Young people who love sports are usually a lot happier and have a more productive life than their peers. They know how to relax and control their stress, making it easier for them to enjoy their days.

Some popular youth sports that are highly recommended include soccer, football, basketball, swimming, martial arts and so on.  The list is a long one. If you have a chance, try to discover one of these sports and find out if it’s one of the best ways for you to enjoy yourself, meet new people and have fun.

4- Find You Passion

If your youngster feels too stressed, they need to find out what they’re really passionate about. This is an important step that can be taken in order to improve their mental health.

Finding out what your kid really loves can provide them with purpose and motivation, allowing them to stop focusing on their stress.

To find out what they really love to do, you can take them to some of the local sports and recreation centers. Participating in these places will help them to forget about their problems for a while and spend their free time on the activities they love.

5- Connection with Others

Finally, when you bring your kid with you to the places where they will be participating, you can also give them a chance to meet and talk to others. This way, you can help them to feel more connected to the people around them. This will help them to enjoy their days more, and feel less lonely.

But to help your kids play more recreational sports, you need an easy way to do it. Therefore we created a platform called Bloxo to make it easier than ever to search and join activities locally or online. It makes it easy to connect with others. Also you can chat with the members of an activity to ask questions, discuss information related to the activity, or even share pictures from the event. Bloxo also has a secure payment, it has activities that may be free, paid or listed as  ‘pay what you want’ - but regardless of the type of fee - we got you covered!

So, why haven’t you hopped on the train yet?

Get Bloxo App for free today and sign up to explore and join any sports activity on the platform with just a click.

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