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Webpage for Instructors [NEW]

Verified instructors’ webpage for all their activities.

With the new update, Bloxo’s verified instructors have their own webpage listing all their upcoming and past activities. This webpage link can be shared with their participants, who may not be on the Bloxo app, and allows the participants to join the activity directly through the weblink, without downloading the app. This link can also be shared on instructor’s social media or websites to direct people to their activities.

Chat Feature for Groups [NEW]

Chat with group members on Bloxo App.

The new release gives a platform for group members to chat with each other directly in the group. The chat icon is available on the right corner of the group. This feature makes it easier for group members to connect with each other.

Messages [NEW]

Directly message Bloxo users.

Bloxo app now has a ‘Messages’ page within the app where the users can view the direct messages that they send or receive. This new feature would allow the users to connect with other users within the app to organize, find and join activities together, or just to simply connect with each other.

Verified Instructors Displayed on Explore Page [NEW]

Bloxo Verified Instructors can be viewed directly on the Explore Page.

Bloxo explore page now lists all the verified instructors as icons on the page. This will help the Bloxo users to check out all the activities of any of the instructors simply by clicking on the instructor’s icon.

‘Following’ Displayed on Home Page [NEW]

Bloxo users can see all the users they are following on their home page.

This feature will provide easy access to the users they are following, whether they want to directly message the user or check out their activities.

Partners List Displayed on Explore Page [NEW]

All the Bloxo partners can be seen on the Explore Page.

Icons of all the Bloxo partners are displayed on the explore page, and this allows the Bloxo users to check out the partners along with the groups and activities provided by the Bloxo partners.

Home Screen [UPDATED]

Display for the Home Screen changed.

The display and overall look of the home screen for the Bloxo app has been changed with the update. The home screen for participants now displays the upcoming activities that the users have joined, their groups and following. There is also an icon for ‘explore activities’ available on the home screen.

Explore Screen [NEW]

A separate explore page to explore activities, instructors and partners.

The app now has an explore page for users to check out all the upcoming activities in their area and online. This page also shows all the verified Bloxo instructors as well as Bloxo partners.

Looking for Extra [NEW]

Bloxo instructors and organizers can look for extra participants on the app.

This new feature would help the Bloxo instructors and organizers to look for extra participants on the app other than the participants that may be joining their activities outside of the Bloxo app or Bloxo webpage link.

Age Group [UPDATED]

Activities for age group ‘13-18 years old’ now available.

With the new update, the Bloxo organizers and instructors can also add activities for the age group of 13-18 years old. This no longer limits activities for participants who are 19 or older.

Added New Sports and Fitness Categories [UPDATED]

New categories for sports and fitness activities.

There are new categories added to the sports and fitness activities previously available on Bloxo app. Some of these are Calisthenics, Ball Hockey, Barre, Weight Training, etc. These have been added based on suggestions from the Bloxo users sent through the live chat.

Other Minor Improvements [UPDATED]

Minor changes to improve the user experience on the app.

There have been minor changes implemented on the app display and usability to improve the user experience. Some of these improvements are:

  • Info Button added for each aspect of ‘adding an activity’ to make it easier for Bloxo users to understand the terms of the activity.
  • The activities now display ‘number of spots’ left for participants before they join the activity.
  • The participants can access their profile, account settings, support, live chat, language and other options through a sidebar available when they click on their profile picture on the top left corner of the home screen.

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