Meet our team

We are a passionate, diverse competent team of eight extremely talented individuals, with a decade of combined experience in the sports and recreation, 25+ years of experience in business and start-ups, 15+ years in financial consultancy and 25+ years of experience in software development.

Mubdu Al-Ali
Chief Executive Officer

A student of Saint Mary’s University, father to a beautiful four-year-old and our company’s CEO, Mubdu is completing his degree in entrepreneurship at the Sobey School of Business. For Mubdu, his interest in sport started in childhood, as an avid soccer fan, player, coac, spectator and more. Since coming to Canada in 2008, Alali has also been involved in soccer organizing, and knows first hand the challenges of running sports, which inspired him to create Bloxo.

Shitangshu Roy
Chief Operating Officer

Graduating top of his class at the University of New Brunswick’s MBA program, with a specialization in Sports/ Recreation Management, Shitangshu brings to Bloxo 8+ years of experience working in the field as a sports delivery practitioner. In fact, Shitangshu is co-founder of three recreation NGO’s, amongst them, Halifax PLAYS, was awarded Halifax’s 2017 Community Group Award for its work making sport more affordable and accessible to its 3,000+ beneficiaries. As COO, Shitangshu provides insights into the needs of sports organizers and facilities, while implementing strategies to allow the company to effectively scale.

Jenn MacHattie
Chief Financial Officer

As a CPA and a graduate of the Saint Mary’s MBA program, Jennifer brings to Bloxo her in-depth knowledge of accounting best practices, policies around start-up governance, and business regulation.She currently serves as a partner for Move37 Consulting, and has provided managerial/ financial consulting for multiple companies, including several start-ups.With her extensive background, Jennifer is able to effectively analyze data for Bloxo, including but also beyond financial numbers, using this information to help the company grow, fund, and expand operations.

Mohammed Alhashem

Chief Technology Officer

With a degree in Computer Science, specializing in Cyber Security, Mohammed has over 5 years of experience on mobile application specializing in iOS development using ReactJS among other platforms. As CTO, Mohammed makes all the technical decisions for the company, including the hiring of development staff to ensure that the technological resources are aligned with the company's business needs, while developing and implementing strategies for technical needs within Bloxo.

Lei Wang
Senior Software Developer

Lei is a senior Software Engineer with a degree in Computer Science and over 16 years of experience in developing software in a variety of forms, including mobile apps. With a deep understanding of software technologies, Lei has great ability and experience in software design, architecture and implementation, mastering various programming languages. Lei specializes in front end development with his strengths being in user interface, design and experience. Lei is an ideal fit to be the lead developer for the next phase of Bloxo.

Mehul Tanwar
Web Developer | QA | Testing

Mehul is a Computer Science student at Saint Mary's University. With his background in Web Development and Programming and more than 5 years of experience, he brings unique skills to the team with his involvement in Entrepreneurship, Physics, and Photography while being an active leader in the community with involvement in numerous projects and societies. He is working on developing the website, along with testing applications, quality assurance and would work on Android development with ReactJS.

Zackary McKibbon
Relationship Manager

Zackary loves to participate in pickup sports. His background in private equity, applied science, marketing and prior startup consulting experience bring a unique perspective to the Bloxo team. He is currently a 4th year student at Saint Mary's university where he also serves on the investment team for Venture grade, the SMU VC investment fund. He is currently working for Bloxo on a Full-Time basis managing the process of investment into the company as well as building our marketing strategy with the rest of the team.

Chris Cameron
Business Development Associate

With a background in Sports Business, Marketing and Entrepreneurship, Chris brings unique assets to Bloxo. Graduating with a Bachelor of Recreation and Sports Studies Management from UNB in 2018, he then moved back home to Nova Scotia. He has spent the last 4 years building his company “Tücy”, which is a sustainable streetwear label. Through running his company and playing sports at university, he was able to build a solid network throughout The Maritimes. His roles at Bloxo include marketing and sales.